G2HX1 (Guildford to Horsham Extreme 1)


I was in the area to finish my grid and that having been ticked off, coming to do these was just gravy! This first one was way the most problematic of the three 5/5's I attempted thanks to the socking great fence and the face-high nettles and brambles along the bridge making it a little complicated to set an anchor. Nevertheless I managed it after surprising a couple of old ladies walking their dogs, and then ascended from the bottom rather than abseiling from the top.

It was a little difficult to spot from the floor, but once identified, retrieval was fairly trivial, particularly as I had by chance had the foresight to consider how I might get back to dry land after descending to a point slap in the middle of the stream...

Thanks for the cache. Very enjoyable despite the rain!