Lair of the Lost Boys


Well that was excellent - thank you.

I drove up from Exeter for the double of Lost Boys and Hippos Below, and this is the first of hopefully two...! My ****** phone decided to keep freezing (why do I bother updating iOS?!) and so I splodged around in the mud for a while rummaging and rebooting until eventually found stage one without the GPS. Then of course I spent rather a long time poking around as per the instructions until I remembered one of the key attributes and returned to the car with my tail between my legs.

Suitably chastened, but reinvigorated as what had seemed impossible now felt more likely, I returned to the search, widened that search considerably, and found the elusive pointer just as dawn began to break.

Then a quick bit of scavenging about, tree-climbing reconnaissance, and rope-work, and Bob was indeed my uncle. Yay! The good news was I remembered to climb with a pen. The bad news was I forgot my little book to stamp into. No mind. It's the FIND I'm interested in, in my nearly-there quest to bag thirty 5/5's.

Thanks again for an excellent and characterful cache. Loved it.