Amazing. Just... Amazing. Thanks for the cache!

Right, erm, apart from yes, this is a tremendous climb and an even more tremendous descent if you rapelle it (oooooh, yes!) - the REAL news is that I completely missed one piece of the final coordinates, BUT failed miserably to figure out which of the four climbs contained the missing link. I was fairly certain it was AA7, so I scaled that again but, nope..... So figured (my memory being at least half decent) that it must have been the first I did - AA10. IT WAS! Once I had it however, I quickly realised that, well..... I'll leave that to you to figure out.....!

Thanks FMF for the call to confirm the coords for me, although by the time I got a signal back I was at GZ and clipped into my rig. (And shortly about to get myself hung up from shoddy knot-tying and having to naff about with my trousers to release myself.........!

Thanks for a great series and an amazing cache.