Feet in the Leat!


Found! In your face!

Well, woo to the hoo! Cache-page puzzle? Piece of cake Mrs. Lemon Drizzle cake. With little chewy lemon bits in and dainty scrunchy icing. Problematic? Nay sir. NAY! Chirpy chirpy stage? Problematic. No chirp. Thank you to **** for helping me out with this. Identity redacted so as he is not inundated by chirpless people asking for hints. Next stage? Hmm. An oddish location so confidence was down, although there was a leat and I did wander up and down it a bit. Thanks to Mr Rickard for pointing me in the right direction.

It was at this point that I began to feel rather mothered, and as if I would not really deserve the find. Were I ever to make it.

Still... Got that, and found myself looking at another (quite soggy) code which pointed me towards the final location! Zippidy-doooooo! (Both codes were soggy and beginning to run. I had this trouble with codes in one of my caches and someone pointed out waterproof paper (as well as laminating). Seems to be good. Just sayin'.)

Final location. Hmm. THAT looks a lot smaller than the GZ in the gallery....... Ooookaaaaay, let's just creep on in there..... Ew. I am NOT a big spider fan. That is, I am not a fan of big spiders. Particularly not military-grade spidroids with webs slung right across the bloody leat! In I crept. It was impossible to look simultaneously at the contents of the webs I was plunging through and the water level perilously near the tops of my boots, and I elected without a second thought to neglect the boots entirely. On exit I found I had a dry half inch around the tops of my boots. Result. I have not yet found a nest of shiny brown spiders in my hoodie, but I'm hoping the terror around that will decay over the next few years.

Turns out I DID deserve it after all!

LOG. SIGNED. Blinking marvellous Old Bean. I see you have a posh and overpriced cache container. As indeed do I in a soggy location. Mine doesn't work either...! Your log is wet and mouldy. Part of the problem may well be that when I found it, the string was caught in the lid. I did ping it out when signing my name and leaving you an offensive message.

Great stuff. Added a fave, although it hardly touches the sides on this oft-favourited cache.