going the extra mile 3


Well... after making several attempts over the past few weeks by foot and being thwarted by time and tide, this time I hauled a kayak all the way down (and later, significantly, up) the steps at Maidencombe to catch the Going The Extra Mile series and the final Balancing Act.

This was the first of those, thinking I'd do the furthest and pick up others on the return journey. Woah. It looks kind of straightforward on the approach, but once you get your face up to it, and your slippery wetsuit shoes on the crumbly sandstone, it's evidently anything but!

I took the leftmost crack up, then edged along the top to the clearly visible little cache-cairn. This, it turned out, was MUCH easier than the return journey and I was tempted to just give up and leap into the sea (it was high tide). Made it down though, with a dark sense, as usual, of my own impatience in not waiting for somebody to buddy up with.

Fabulous. This is what caching is about. A definite top cache!

Click here for panorama.