Code Breaker V: CRYPTOLOGY


*** GOT IT!!! ***

Well, that was a culmination of an excellent series of caches. I'm a bit of a fan of puzzle caches as it brings the joy of caching to idle moments at home and, er, work as well as out in the field. I like the idea of a series of increasing difficulty and think that the difficulty and terrain ratings were reflected very well in the puzzles and locations.

I completed the caches in the order of IV, III, II, I, then V as I wasn't sure how tricky they would get. IV was a wonderful start, but even after that, III, II, and I did not disappoint. Codes broken, and bonus codes collected, I worked on V and finally derived the coordinates. A cold afternoon in March took me through the hail to the cold, remote and, well, sheer location. Such was the nature of the place that I tumbled gracelessly into it and added a half-hour walk to navigate my way out of the other side.

This, of course, having discovered the contents of the box.....

A second trip today tidied up the loose ends. I came equipped with sensible equipment but decided just to push ahead au naturel. WWWWWOAHHHH!!! My mind was quickly changed. Back to base camp, gear donned, and back to GZ where two mother ducks on nests full of eggs were not impressed with me lumbering up.

All in all a FANTASTIC series and a wonderful culmination. Thanks for looking after these caches. They are definite faves.