I've been playing ukulele since about 2010. I've been playing guitar since 1986 but it's difficult, and if you drag one out of your car at somebody's house you are immediately a tiresome and pretentious dick. Pull out a ukulele, on the other hand, and you are a tiresome and pretentious dick with additional boot-space. 

Ukuleles win because with fewer strings and shorter scale it is much easier to play more complex chords that would be more challenging on the guitar. They are a burden because it's really quite easy to impulse buy them. This is my luggage for the Cheltenham Ukulele Festival...

They come in all shapes and sizes, and I've got sopranos, tenors, and a baritone, along with a weird skeletal solid-bodied electric, and a priceless prototype 5-string Ohana that I won in a raffle and damaged fitting a pickup. Such is life.

Ukulele clubs are the way to go to meet like-minded weirdos, and the best one by far is in Taunton (see links).


The links to the right lead to the Taunton club, their many songbooks, Ukulele Hunt (which is great for interesting facts and song sheets), and a YouTube playlist of me on uke which can cause you actual bodily harm. As well as OzBcos - source of the biggest and transposable ukulele songbook in the world.